Understanding clitoris is the most important part of Cunilingus!

I think the clitoris is the biggest erotogenic zone of a female body and it’s a little bit similar to the penis. So when a woman is calm it’s very small and soft but when horny it’s big and hard.

I always start very gently with clit licking and in the beginning, when it’s small I spread a pussy lot to have good access, like in the video below.

spreading pussy lips for better access to clitoris

Start licking slow and easy, spread pussylips as much as needed (but not too much to avoid scratching her) and you will feel how the clit grows on the tip of your tongue. You can use circular movements or up and down movement. I usually do the circular movement at the beginning like in the video below.

circular movement

Once the clitoris is bigger and hard I don’t need to spread pussy so much and I prefer up and down movement like in the video below.

up and down movement (you can play with the angle of your head here)

When the clitoris is ready, big and hard, you can be more creative. You can also make “tic toc movement” like in the video below. Combine all these movements in different patterns and you will find the right “program” 🙂 The most important is to synchronize with your partner.

tic-toc movement

You can play with the clitoris also from inside. Once it’s big outside you can feel it pretty good also inside the pussy. Don’t look for a specific button inside but try to locate the whole area which usually starts 4 cm from pussy opening and can be 4 cm long. So the area you are looking for is somewhere between 4-8cm inside towards the belly.

Please be aware that every woman is different and also in one girl the place of the internal clitoris can change according to the position of the body or state of her monthly menstruation period. So before menstruation, it could be a little bit different than after.

Once you find the clitoris area from inside start to play here. Don’t pull fingers in and out but make “the magic finger movement” like in the video below. Start gently and slowly and continuously increase speed and pressure. Never use too much pressure on this area, it could hurt your partner.

40The magic movement – be very gentle until you fully understand what you do!

If you want to make her cum, and I guess you want to, then you need to overstimulate her clitoris with fast and precise licking from outside and nice gentle magic finger movement from inside.

Many times slow but very precise movement works better than crazy fast licking all over. Always remember you want to be as accurate as possible with the clitoris since it’s very sensitive on its tip and the most important thing is a good and relaxed atmosphere.

A-spot fingering and licking the head of the clitoris

I truly believe that even if you have the best technique but your girl doesn’t feel comfortable for whatever reason, you never reach good results. However, if you master the atmosphere, have good foreplay and she gets wet even before you go down on her, you are halfway to the victory and you don’t need any special technique to make her cum.

One more very important thing! Read as much as possible about sex, watch some videos for inspiration but once you start with pleasuring your girl stop with thinking and start with the feeling. It’s all about feeling your partner!

Enjoy and have fun!

Mr. PussyLicking

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