Make Her Cum FAST

The most important thing is to realize that every woman is different not only in personality but also each pussy is specific. That’s why there is nothing like the best way or best technique in cunnilingus. However, there are certain techniques that you can use to make your girl meltdown on your tongue.

The key is not only knowing these techniques but it’s about the right combination of them, good timing, and most importantly creating a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s crucial to understand that women’s orgasm is different from male orgasm. Girls can have an internal or external orgasm and there is also a full-body orgasm which is usually when you stimulate her from inside and outside at the same time.

Internal orgasm can be from G-spot or A-spot which brings them massive orgasms. There is one more spot (I don’t know if there is a name) which is a little bit behind G-spot and that one makes girls squirting. I will write about the Squirting point in a separate article. For now, avoid this spot because it can make the urge to pee and spoil all your work to make your girl cum. If you want to know more about G-spot and A-spot check my other post.

External orgasm comes from the stimulation of the clitoris. If you want to know more about the clitoris check my other post.

At this point, it’s nice to know what kind of orgasm your girl prefers. Simply, does she like more stimulation of the clitoris, or does she like fingering? If you don’t know, no worries you are going to find out 🙂

I love it when she has a full body-shaking orgasm which comes from stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot, and A-spot at the same time. So how do I lick her pussy to make her cum fast and hard?

First of all, I have to be sure she feels comfortable and relaxed, then I start to kiss her because she loves it. While kissing I start to rub her clit very gently (!) with my fingers. As soon as I feel she is ready I aim for my meal! Starting with a very gentle licking of the clitoris (always be sure everything is wet!!! you don’t want to scratch your girl with some dry rubbing or fingering) I lick her clit and it’s becoming bigger and harder. Finally, from a little soft grain, there is a big beautiful hard cherry. Now clit licking is becoming even more easy and tasty 🙂 I was not licking too fast but very precisely so her clit is big and she is horny. Always keep in your mind that you have to go with some curve of stimulation. If you overstimulate her in the very beginning with fast and hard licking you can have problems finishing your work. Making a girl cum is a gradual process, it always needs some time and some girls need more time than others. When she is not too horny before you even start licking her, you may need more time. When you start licking too hard straight from the beginning, et the end you will need to lick even harder and faster (which can be difficult). So it’s very important to keep a steady increase in stimulation. In other words, turn on your maximum speed and pressure at the end, not in the beginning or in the middle of the process. So you have a pretty good situation outside and she is becoming very wet from inside. This is the moment for fingering but do not stop with licking, you will need to lick that clit until the very end.

I start with one finger, be sure your finger is wet not to scratch her. I’m already licking the clitoris with decent speed and pressure but my finger moves very slow in the beginning. No need to pull it out, since everything you need to work with is inside. Instead of pulling your finger in and out, find the G-spot and focus on this area. Do not press it like some button but gently move with the tip of your finger up and down in this area. You can read more about G-spot in my other article.

I am licking the clit faster and stronger, stimulating G-spot and her pussy is opening more so I can put 2 fingers inside her but be sure she is okay with that, especially with young tiny girls. Everything is perfect, she is wet and well opened so let’s try how she feels about the A-spot. I am writing more about the A-spot in another post. So at this time I am licking clit outside and stimulating A-spot and G-spot with 2 fingers. It’s difficult to stimulate G and A at the same time since there is a “big” distance between them. So here I advise you to choose only one according to her reactions. If she is more sensitive on G work there if A I would suggest stimulating A-spot. Why? It’s the biggest probability of full body orgasm. G-spot is a part of the clitoris so if you are doing a good job on the clitoris with your tongue G-spot can feel it too. However, A-spot is not connected directly to the clitoris so if you stimulate this part you cover the whole pussy.

I’m licking almost my full speed and I am adjusting the speed of fingering to the same speed with licking. I can feel she is going to cum soon so I’m graduating speed more and more and overstimulating her clitoris and G or A-spot. Just a few seconds of my full speed and she is exploding in my mouth. Now everything is getting super sensitive so I keep licking and fingering but more carefully and gently. There is no need for such strong pressure and speed as before. With the right movements during the climax, you can prolong her orgasm. I love to stimulate the G-spot in the middle of the climax, this usually prolongs the orgasm a lot.

After she cums, be as nice as possible to her. Tell her how you enjoyed licking her and ask her how she liked it. Anything to make her feel that you are horny about it so she is looking forward to another session 🙂

It’s nice if you are able to talk about it after sex. Ask her what she liked and what she didn’t. Maybe she can show you some spots which she liked specifically.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that every girl is different and also one girl can have a different mood for different things another time. So never stick to some specific technique but also do not experiment too much. Find your way which is working and every time make a little experiment.

I wish you many explosive orgasm on your tongue!

Mr. PussyLicking

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